mercredi 18 décembre 2013

SSR- Corsicans Wanting Independence

The year that I spent in Corsica I realized as the the year went on,  and my French became better,I saw all the headlines on the news, Corsica wants to be an independent nation. If I told people in my class that they were French they would be very offended and say "I am Corsican, not French."
When I read this article about how Corsica's are now wanting to be independent more than any other time in the last forty years, and it didn't surprise me at all.  There has been a start up of the Corsican mafia, assassinating political people from France and bombing the houses of the French. I, myself, never had a problem in Corsica because they love English speaking people and most importantly  I never talked about the mafia. No one talks of the mafia, we see it on the news but talking about that mafia is something we all just know, if you talk, the mafia might hear and find out. Tourists visiting Corsica will probably never have a problem with this.
Also, I believe that the Corsicans are now more than ever anti-French is because of the new president Francois Hollande. The hatred of Francois Hollande is very prominent in Corsica. They do not agree with his political actions or his party and wish that Nicholas Sarkozy, the precedent president, was still in office.
Corsica has their own traditional food, music, traditions and even a different language which is a lot like Italian. They are proud of their heritage and many think that if they have independence they will not have to conform to French ways and will be able to be the real Corsicans.
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  1. This is very interesting! I thought you had gone to France when you were an exchanged student! I like that you explained how Corsica in not part of France and how different they are.