vendredi 6 décembre 2013

L'Histoire de la Corse: History of Corsica

Corsican history is one of violence, wars and the hope of having independence, there are fourteen old forts on the the edges of the island, reminding us of when Barbarian tribes, the Italians, the French, the English and the Greeks, would come invade Corsica, wanting the beautiful island for themselves. Because of many attacks, and not advanced enough to ward off the bugs around the warm sea, most Corsicans used to live in the mountains for protection from these invaders and insects. Many traditional Corsicans still live in the little villages in the mountains.
During WWII,  the Italians, knowing Corsica was an independent region, asked Corsica to fight with them instead of the French. The Corsicans, in reply, said "Facing the world, from the depth of our souls, for the sake of our glory, in honor of our graves and cradles, we swear to live and die French" This has been the one and only time that Les Corses have considered themselves French. WordPress says that "people living under Italian occupation in Haute-Savoie took to wearing metal badges of Corsica as a sign of opposition to Italian occupation" 
Modern Corsica is all about tourism and their sausages. Corsica is the most natural area in Western Europe, they have many hiking trails, mountains and two ski parks for people who love to do outdoor activities or you can visit the chic shops in Ajaccio and Porto-Vecchio, the beaches and quaint restaurants.

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