jeudi 19 décembre 2013

Passion: Learning French Before Going to Corsica

In Corsica, not many people speak English at all. People mostly speak French, Corsican and then Italian, the latter two are very similar though.I would see British people come to the island with no French at all and have a lot harder time getting through the streets, asking for accommodations or ordering food at a restaurant. Yes, they still see the beautiful streets and can bask in the sun but you might not get your favorite dish in a restaurant or miss your movie at the local theater.
Going on YouTube and searching for a couple beginner French lessons is an easy and free way to learn some Basic French which you will greatly appreciate before your journey to France or Corsica. You will be able to figure out many basic signs to get where you need to go, ask for help and buy things a lot less complicated if you speak some French.
France is known for not being very well in English, but Corsica is even worse than normal mainland France. Practically no one speaks English, if so, they speak British English and will not be able to understand the American/Canadian accent fluently.
When I first arrived in Corsica at the end of August in 2012 I didn't speak French really and had to go to the normal lycee with all the teenagers. It was hard to get around, to have conversations with everyone else, and I could not understand the T.V. nor the songs that came on. As my French became better and better doorways opened up one at a time. First I could read all the signs and get around easily, then I could talk and have conversations with everyone at school, making tons of friends. Finally I could understand all the French songs and T.V. which was a great feeling. Even though I live in California again, I use my French every day to talk to my friends and host family back in Corsica, speak to the Belgian and French exchange students and help them on their English and because French is very limited in my rural community, people always ask me to say words in French because it is a very exotic language in Northern California. 

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