mardi 14 janvier 2014

Le Paysage Corse: The Countryside of Corsica

Corsica has a varied geography, with mountains going strait into the Mediterranean, to lush, green hillside that turn into white sand beaches. Corsica is the one of the most uninhibited places in Western Europe.
Corsica is the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean, it literally is a mountain in the middle of the sea.
In the the cap, there is little mountains and it is very, very windy. It is absolutely beautiful there though. Around Calvi in the north west is a flat and has green valleys or rolling hills. In Corte, which is in the center of Corsica is in the right in the middle of the mountains, it is surrounded by huge mountains. Around Ajaccio is small mountains, not to high so that there is still vegetation but they can get high, especially when hiking up their trails. In Bonifacio, which is the very most southern part of Corsica, it is flat and has a more arid climate then the rest of Corsica because of its little precipitation and being closer to Northern Africa. In the eastern part of the island, around and north of Porto-Vecchio there are many hills but not as many mountains.

4 commentaires:

  1. Corsica looks like a beautiful place! You are very lucky to have visited!

  2. Those pictures and your text make me want to go there for my next vacation!

  3. Looks like an amazing place to visit for vacation or to live at. I want to go there now! Just one question, how hot does it get there?

  4. This is absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking I love the deep blue waters! Post more pictures Hannah!