vendredi 22 novembre 2013

My Dream Year

           Last year I went to my dream place, Corsica, knowing nothing about it except that it was a Mediterranean Island. I spent a whole year there, discovering a rich culture that I would have not known otherwise if I would have stayed in Northern California.
          I instantly knew it was the place for me, falling in love with la charcuterie corse, the bright colors of the luscious green hills, the snow caped mountains and the turquoise waters. The people though, are the ones that really took my heart. They are proud people but they love with all their hearts. They took me in and I become like one of their sisters. Corsica has captured my heart, and maybe, it will capture yours too.

1 commentaire:

  1. C'etait chouette de lire a propos de ton experience, et du fait que tu adores voyager. Je me rejouis de lire plus sur l'endroit ou tu vivais, ca a l'air magnifique!